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For quite some time, I have been looking to find a natural skin care line that will be worth the money and actually work!  On Instagram, I came across a Bachelorette alumni that I love (Jojo!) and she was raving about this skin care line. She provided a discount code, too, so of course I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it!

The company is called Timeless Organics Skin Care.  It’s Vegan and ECO friendly AND every order helps plant a tree!!

I have always had troubled skin and the harsh products that I’ve used have done nothing but irritate my skin! My skin is considered “combination” or really oily and dry…I don’t get how it can be both but somehow it is!  My t-zone gets very oily after a long day but then I get dry skin on my nose and around my forehead. Lets just say It has been a long battle and I think I have found the solution to my crazy skin and it’s Organic!….YAY!

Here is my experience with the products I’ve tried from Timeless Organics as well as a peek into my personal skincare routine.

This is how the product comes in the mail:

These are the items I purchased:

#1 – Timeless Ultra-Moisturizing Facial Cleanser ($14.99)

  • Smooth and gentle on the skin.
  • Really gets the rest of my makeup off and really cleans my pores.
  • It foams and lathers as you wash your face.

#2 – Timeless Toner For Troubled Skin

  • I spray the toner on a cotton swab and rub it all over my face and neck.
  • Feels fresh and I got the last bit of dirt and makeup off.

#3 – Timeless Glow Moisturizing Face Serum ($29.99)

  • Who knew a serum is such an important part of your skin care routine?! But man-oh-man I love serums now!

#4 – Timeless Detox Tightening & Hydrating Mask ($49.99, mask kit)

  • Comes in powder form that you add with water to make a mud mask how thick or thin you would like it.
  • For me it literally takes the redness away from problem areas on my face.
  • After using it twice the tiny bumps I had on my checks have completely gone away!
  • My skin has never been so soft!

(mask mixed up)

My Skincare Routine:

First, I use these Bert’s Bees face wipes to get off most of my makeup (Burt’s Bees Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleansing Towelettes, $9.99).

Then I use the Timeless Ultra Moisturizing Facial Cleanser.  It is very gentle on my skin and lathers so you feel like you are getting a really good clean. Then I just dab my face with a towel and it’s on to the face mask!

I only use the face mask once a week (every Sunday night) and I honestly look forward to it because it makes my skin feel so good and smooth and just so clean!  In one use you will notice a difference in your skin. I have blotchy red skin that I seemed to never be able to get rid of…after two uses of the mask, I noticed a big difference – my redness and blotchy spots were minimized and my skin was so much smoother!

(Got my mom to try the mask with me!)

Once I rinse the mask off (or after cleansing) I use the toner…I like to spray my toner on a cotton pad and rub it over my face. I know some like to just spray it directly on their face and leave it to dry, but I like to really get in there and make sure it cleans out my pores and get any last bit of dirt and oil off my skin.

Then my favorite part – the serum!  I’ve never used a serum before but have always seen them as part of other people’s routines. I never understood the power of a serum until I got this one! After one use you honestly see the difference and your skin looks like it has this natural glow to it and it’s feels so smooth and so soft on your skin. Let’s just say that now I am totally hooked!

The glow in natural sunlight!!

I always finish off with a lip balm ($4.99) and with my purchase from Timeless Organics they sent me a free one! It smells amazing, lasts so long and just so moisturizing!  I am completely obsessed!

Check them out on Instagram at: @timeless_organics_skin_care and be sure to let us know your experience with their products!

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