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When I first started working from home, I knew I needed a good workspace to keep myself organized and focussed.  I’m excited to share my journey for this space with you!

A bit of background on the space: I live in an open-concept home with a main-floor office not far from the front entrance, from which you can see the living and dining rooms and part of the kitchen.  The room boasts 9′ ceilings and stunning 8′ double doors at its entrance (which have served more as a way to hide clutter that gets tossed into a ‘catch-all’ space when unexpected guests arrive than a true frame of the space to the rest of the house).

The room not only serves as a workspace for myself, but it is also a library for our many books and accounting headquarters for our business.  I also have a small dog that is the centre of my world who loves to be close to me when I’m working, so ensuring she is comfortable and not underfoot is a necessity.

Over the past year, I’ve made a few changes such as adding the area rug (EIVOR CIRKEL in white/blue, IKEA), the large blue chair (No Longer Available, Urban Barn) and adding bright, new doors to the existing cabinetry (BESTA Series, IKEA).  This space always falls to the bottom of the “to do” list when finishing the decor in different rooms of our home, but on the theme of finding joy this year, I’m determined to finish it first.

Already in Place & Changes Required:
– The angled walls on one side of the room already house large bookshelves.  These need a bit of de-cluttering and re-organization, but they’re going to stay put.
– The chair in the corner (underneath the windows) is also staying in place.  This was partially purchased as a place to relax, but also as an elevated dog bed.
– The cabinetry behind the desk houses stationary, current files, shipping supplies and printer supplies.  It also serves as a place for the printer/scanner and router to sit.  It needs to be adjusted/changed to serve as additional workspace.
– The area rug was added awhile ago and is also staying.
– The walls need repainting and art needs to be hung up.
– The desk requires decluttering and organization to make it more functional.
– The desk chair is damaged and is not ergonomically correct for my frame.  It is also outdated and needs changing.

Want to see the transformation?  Stay tuned for “The After” here!

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