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We hear those “new year, new you” statements all the time in January. We make resolutions to get into better shape, be more active, spend less money…but how do we do it?

Nothing can be more motivating to start working out than new fitness clothes! Going to the gym or getting more active is always easier when you’ve got something super cute (and “new”) to put on. If you’re thinking “Great, but I’m on a budget, so how do I make this happen?” then here’s a hot tip:

Start Shopping Consignment
for Athleisure

I know we’ve chatted about shopping at consignment stores before but have you ever considered them when it comes to fitness? Let’s dive in to what you can expect.

Think of the girls out there who buy new fitness clothes and “athleisure” items on a monthly basis. The ones who are on the Lululemon website first thing every Tuesday morning shopping new releases. Their closets are teeming with this stuff and a couple times each year, they need somewhere to unload it…enter the consignment store.

Good quality. Consignment shops only take items that are in good condition so you don’t have to sift through thrift store goods.

The best brands. Consignment shops only take what sells, too, and what sells are those well-known fitness brands that we all love for more than just working out. Think Lululemon and Stella McCartney for Adidas.

Need extra cash or want store credit? Consign items that you’ve tired of. This takes care of cleaning out your closet and making some extra money all in one step!

I’ve partnered with The Clothing Bar in Calgary to showcase some of the amazing items you can find while shopping consignment!

My Fitness Inspo: Outfits & Activities

One of the main things I do as far as physical activity is take my little Hattie for walks. Sometimes we stick to the sidewalk, sometimes we hit some stairs.

Fitness Finds: Lululemon Leggings, Adidas Sneakers, Vest + Long Sleeve

Sometimes we’re on-leash, sometimes we’re off-leash. Sometimes we’re exploring the back country!

Of course I don’t just wear these items for working out or walking the dog. Athleisure is a part of my everyday life…especially because I work from home!

I’m not always one to head to a yoga class at a studio, but I do love what’s available on YouTube. It allows me to focus on my “yoga priorities” and do it on my own time.

I know I’m not in rock-solid shape, and I may never be. I do like to be active and feel good in my own skin.

For me, staying active is about feeling good. It’s about being healthy and getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.

My fitness goals aren’t about the number on the scale (although I’d love to lose a few extra pounds). My goals are more about wellness, mental health and feeling good about myself when I get dressed in the morning.

Fitness is about being fit. I don’t love working out or going to the gym. I prefer to get outside and play a sport or go hiking or snowshoeing or skiing. I’d rather go out and do an interactive activity than walk on the treadmill…

The best advice I can give you is to just get moving! Get some cute outfits that you feel good in and get out there and start enjoying life!


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