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I believe in buying quality makeup brushes and taking care of them. Most are made of natural animal hair (or similar synthetics) and are easy to wash and keep clean. If you treat them right, they will last a really long time.

Brush sets can be a great way to go, but I prefer to buy them individually so that I can mix and match and get what I need. I often search for brushes that have snap-on plastic travel covers as well – it keeps the bristles from getting bent and keeps my makeup bag from getting dirty inside! {All of the Sephora Collection Pro Brushes come with these}

I wear powder foundation and this brush gives me light and even coverage. I like the Sephora Collection – Pro Full-Coverage Airbrush #53, $38

I only wear a touch of blush so I require a brush that can give me a contouring effect without being too heavy. Sephora Collection – Pro Precision Blush Brush #73, $32

Eye Shadow
I use this brush for my main lid eye shadow. It provides great coverage with just a sweep or two. Its soft bristles are great for blending as well. Sephora Collection – Pro Shadow Brush #14, $20

Eye Shadow – Accent
If I’m going out at night or want to add a little extra drama, I like to use this brush for adding in a crease color. The softness of this brush prevents me from being heavy handed with darker colors. Sephora Collection – Tapered Crease #19, $20

Glitter Eye Shadow
Applying glitter eye shadow can be such a mess, but when done with the right tool it looks awesome. The key is using a silicone brush rather than a bristle brush – it is also great for applying loose pigment shadow.

Eye Liner
I use this brush either for powder eye liner (usually I use an eye shadow for this) or for applying a black shadow under my upper lash line to add the illusion of more fullness. MAC Cosmetics – Small Angle Brush #263, $24

Fan Brush to the rescue!
Sometimes with shimmery eye shadow a few pigments go astray during application. I like this fan brush for gently brushing away any rogue eye shadow without pushing the shimmer into your under eye area. For this, try the Sephora Collection – Pro Fan Brush #65, $27

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