Market Collective, Calgary, Canada

Last month, I visited Market Collective in Calgary, Canada.  As a blogger, I’m always looking for cool things to write about (and shop for!) and an opportunity to support local businesses and emerging artists is always exciting.  This seemed like a great opportunity to find unique pieces and meet local designers/artists.

What is Market Collective?  It’s an independent market in Calgary that showcases local artisans, artists, designers and musicians.

What You’ll Find: When it came to vendors, I found there to be a big variety of unique items for children/babies (great place to buy a shower gift!), multiple bath product vendors, interesting jewelry pieces and more.  I also came across many tables selling typography, greeting cards and other graphic design prints.  The local photography was fantastic and you could really see the craftsmanship in most of the woodworking and handmade blades.  The pottery/ceramics were also well done.

Shop On-Line: The Market Collective Upcoming Events Page lists all of the participants (by category, which makes it easier!) with live links so you can check their stuff out online.  My biggest disappointment with this, though, is that not all vendors have an online presence, so if I missed someone at the market, I’m out of luck.

My Favorites: Some of my favorites from the last Market are Mother Co. (featured on my Sept. 1 It-List), Tink by Jenny (also featured on my Sept. 1 It-List), New West Design and Modern Tipi.  A big reason why I favorited these vendors in particular was their professional nature and their eagerness to share their art with me.  They also had professional displays and seemed really passionate about their work, which I thought was really inspiring.  It’s amazing how far a bit of passion and enthusiasm goes at one of these events.

One thing that disappointed me about some of the vendors was that they didn’t have any interest in discussing their products (it’s hard to get excited if they’re not) or they had no online or social media presence (hard to learn more about them, get info on new products, stay current on their work, etc.).  In some regards, there appeared to be repeats between vendors, so make sure you look for the real unique stuff.  Also, some of these vendors will do custom made-to-order pieces for you, too, if you ask!

Other Interesting Notes: I liked that there was live (and original) music featured as well as many of the Calgary Food Trucks.  The event is family friendly (they offer stroller parking) and for others, there are vendors selling craft cocktails.

Upcoming Markets:  I’m really excited for the Christmas Market Collective as I find that vendors tend to pull out the big guns for the holidays.  I love finding one of a kind gifts for friends and family as well as a few treats for myself and my home.  Dates are: November 27 – 29, December 4 – 6, December 11 – 13, December 18-20.


For more info and to stay on top of current Market Collective events, follow them on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica