How Much Do I Bring?

Packing Beauty Products: How much do I bring?
When deciding to embark on a 24-day Europe trip, I knew that space would be an issue. An avid road tripper, my luggage is seldom an issue, but this time, I had to be a bit more conservative with things. I knew most of the weight in my bag would come from my toiletries, so once we booked our initial round trip flights to get us over the pond, I started date stamping the bottles of all my beauty products! I figured, if I knew how long it took me to go through an entire bottle of something (say, shampoo as a for instance), I would know how much I would need for a 24-day period, give or take a bit. I mean, I wasn’t about to sacrifice valuable luggage weight and space that could be used for shopping by hauling around two weeks worth of extra cleanser!

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica