Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Sunday, June 17th is Father’s Day!

Every year I put together a collage of items that you can get for your Dad for Father’s Day. It isn’t easy coming up with something unique, thoughtful AND useful for your Dad each year, so with that in mind, I’ve created a list of inspiring ideas that can help you

Unique Gift Ideas

I think that the Canadian Tire commercials this year pretty much sum it up – Dad doesn’t want OR need any more “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs or novelty ties! With that in mind, here are a few more creative gift ideas:

Photos: We’ve all recycled our wedding photos and given them to our parents and grandparents. Maybe try to think a bit more out of the box this time when it comes to a photograph. One year I gave my Dad a photo that he actually took of me goofing off at an event we were at together. Something like this (a photo my Dad likely took) of a memory of something we did together is another great idea!

A Course/Class: So many Dads have hobbies or interests that they don’t always have time to pursue because of other responsibilities. Maybe your Dad loves scotch or beer – why not take him to a tasting or on a tour of a local craft brewery? Maybe sign him up for a fly fishing course or afternoon of woodworking. Every Dad has something that they love to do but wouldn’t necessarily schedule for themselves!

Subscriptions: There aren’t nearly as many subscription boxes for men as there are for women, but maybe consider a monthly craft beer subscription or wine/spirits club! If this doesn’t work, there’s always the option of a magazine subscription of your Dad’s favorite news outlet or hobby that he enjoys.

What Does Dad Need?

Dads are all about practical gifts and things that are useful. If this is the kind of Dad you have, finding a gift that is useful but also thoughtful can be tricky. Dad likely has enough socks, ties and underwear already.

If he loves to grill – why not a new set of BBQ utensils or a fun apron? You can always accessorize gifts that he already has, too – like a new flavor of bisquette for his smoker or ice moulds that go with his favorite scotch glasses! Maybe his sports jersey is getting a little “too vintage” and needs a modern upgrade! The possibilities are endless.

What Does Dad Want?

Not unlike Mamas, Dads want to spend time with their kiddos, too. If you and your Dad love the same sports team, maybe try to watch a game together or better yet, attend one in person!

If geography is getting in the way, then why not surprise your mama with a plan for the next time you’re set to see each other!


Need a great gift for Dad but you’re still coming up empty? Check out these previous Gift Guides for some inspiration! Clicking each image will take you to the details!



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