Brand Spotlight: The Honest Company

I love when someone uses their popularity for a good cause and to make a difference and I believe that’s exactly what Jessica Alba is doing with The Honest Company.

Here’s a bit of background: The Honest Company strives to create products that are “not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable.”  Click to read more about Who They Are.

Honest Co LogoTheir products include (but are not limited to) things like Diapering, Feeding, Personal Care, Cleaning, Vitamins, Gear & More.  They are constantly improving and adding new products to their lineup.  Recently the brand launched feminine products and a cosmetics line is on its way as well.  Recently, they did a collaboration with designer Rebecca Minkoff (in collaboration with FINCA) to “provide sustainable support to these female entrepreneurs in Guatemala, fueling their textile businesses.”  I love when a company gives back and The Honest Co.’s social efforts continue to grow.

Why I love their products: I prefer cleaning products that have a little to no scent, are effective and environmentally safe.  I like to be conscious of what I’m flushing down the drain and the chemicals I have in my home and around my family members.  Each product provides a list of its ingredients and the pictures on the website allow you to read the label directly!  I like that these are safe, effective and can conveniently arrive at my door.

Free Trial: Want to give their products a try?  Try Honest products for FREE – just pay the $5.95 shipping & handling.  Try one or all three of the Diapers & Wipes Bundle, Essentials Bundle and/or the Health & Wellness Bundle.  I tried their Essentials Bundle last year and have been hooked ever since!

Honest has a Bundle & Save program that is fantastic.  It allows you to choose a group of products you love and use regularly and have them shipped directly to your door (at a specified frequency). You can interchange the items within your Bundles for each order or stick to the same lineup.  You can also delay shipment if you aren’t in need of extra products at that time.  This is the most cost-effective and convenient way to shop.  You can also add-on additional items like Gear & More at Member’s Only pricing, which is fantastic!

Other Places You Can Buy These Products:
~ The Honest Co. at Target
~ The Honest Co. at IndigoChapters 
~ The Honest Co. at

Here’s a list of Honest products that I’ve tried (so far!):

~ Multi Surface Cleaner, $5.95
~ Glass + Window Cleaner, $5.95
~ Toilet Cleaner, $5.95
~ Dish Soap (White Grapefruit), $3.95
~ Laundry Detergent, $12.95
~ Stain Remover, $5.95
~ Dish Towels, $7.95

Personal Care:
~ Sunscreen Spray SPF30, $13.95
~ Sunscreen Stick SPF30, $9.95
~ Bug Spray, $12.95
~ Organic Body Oil, $9.95
~ Organic Lip Balm (trio), $8.95
~ Foaming Hand Soap (Lemongrass), $5.95

Gear & More:
~ Canvas Tote, $16.95

Stay tuned for additional reviews of these products!

Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica