The Strategies for ‘A Simplified Life’ by Emily Ley

I think you can all remember how much I loved Emily Ley’s first book Grace, Not Perfection (if not, read my full review here!) so you won’t be surprised when you hear that I pre-ordered her most recent release, A Simplified Life.

Grace, Not Perfection was a life-changing eye-opening book for me (as you’ll read in my review). Life isn’t about being Pinterest-perfect – it’s about being happy and making time for what really matters.

Tactical Tools For Intentional Living

The book’s subtitle says it all – tactical tools for intentional living. The book is ten “chapters” long, each featuring strategies for simplifying all areas of your life. From simplifying the spaces in your home to meal planning, making entertaining easier, being a better parent and sorting out your finances, this book has it all. Ley even tackles simplifying your self care, you personal style and even your faith – topics that can all too often seem difficult or induce guilt.

At 200 pages long, this book isn’t a daunting set of ideas that you can’t get through to create meaningful change in your life. I read the book start to finish, but you can certainly skip around to tackle simplification in an order that works for you! The table of contents makes it easy to reference back, too! I found myself stopping between chapters to execute some of the solutions that she presented – and I found them all exceptionally helpful.

Simplify Your Life

This year I’m really looking to simplify my life. It’s not so much a resolution as just a new life strategy. I often feel like a prisoner in my own clutter! I might have it all stored in beautifully labeled boxes, but I often feel suffocated by the volume of it all. Reading through this book I felt like it methodically laid out what I needed to do to easily free myself from this feeling.

“Emily is so logical – and she is right beside us! We are not alone!” -B.Lee

I found that A Simplified Life was a perfect follow-up to Grace, Not Perfection because it builds upon the principles found there and provides clear cut strategies to implement them into your own life. It isn’t preachy or condescending or difficult to understand.

I bought this book for a friend of mine for Christmas and her review was “Emily is so logical – and she is right beside us! We are not alone!” (-B.Lee). I think that Ley comes at this from a place of “I did these things, it helped me greatly and now I’m living a happier and more fulfilled, less stressful life – and I want you to be able to do that, too.”

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