Luxury Labour Bags: What to Pack for the Hospital!

Packing for trips is one of my specialties, but packing for the hospital for labour…not so much! I’m expecting my first baby this November and have looked for an easy solution for gathering everything I need for my hospital bag. Of course there are plenty of lists online of what you should bring and friends have offered their advice, but what I was really seeking was an all-in-one solution!

Enter Luxury Labour Bags. This wonderful Canadian company has found a way to make all of our lives easier with their labour bags. Not only do their kits provide almost everything you’ll need for your hospital bag, you can order a kit that includes a Herschel duffel bag so you don’t even have to find a bag to put it all in!

I’ve been trying to make sure I have everything ready for my nursery, for when baby arrives and comes home that thinking of procuring all of the important items for my hospital bag has really fallen by the wayside. This has made it much easier and alleviated some stress for me going into the big day.

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What’s great about Luxury Labour Bags is this: If this is your first baby, their kits let you know what you need because they contain the essentials. If this is or isn’t your first baby, it’s everything you need in one package so you don’t have to try and find it all when your life is already busy with life, kids and everything else.

I wanted to show you first hand what you can expect inside your Luxury Labour Bag! Check out my unboxing video here:

For a full list of what’s inside The Essentials Bag (shown in video), click here!

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Carlee Krtolica
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