Announcing Our First Little Arrival

ICYMI, we’re expecting our first little one this coming November. We are over the moon and excited to enter into this next phase of life, adding to our little team. We can’t wait to be parents and Hattie seems quite excited at the thought of being a big sister (she’s already snuggling in and listening to my bump!)

Curious about the significance of this announcement? Well, we’re huge hockey fans and my husband is a rec hockey goalie. Being a ‘goalie wife’ and hockey fan seems to have embedded its way into my identity in the same way being a blogger has, so it only seemed appropriate and very ‘us’ to make our announcement this way.

But What About…

I’ve been asked a ton of questions since announcing and I thought I’d take some time and address them here. Honestly, I don’t mind people’s questions, especially when they come from a good place. I’ve had to think about most of these things since finding out I was pregnant and planning to have a little one, so it’s only natural that others would wonder the same things.

Will this change Styled to Sparkle?

One of the first questions people ask me is “does this mean you’re going to be a mom blogger now?” The short answer is no. The longer answer is more that I’m going to be a blogger that happens to be pregnant and then happens to be a mom.

The truth is, I don’t want to stop blogging about all of the things I blog about. Sure, I might toss in a few articles that include the fact that I’m a mom, but you can expect a pretty consistent content product from me even as I enter into this next phase of my life.

Blogging is my passion. Writing is what I absolutely love to do. I’m thankful that it’s a career that I don’t have to press pause on just because I’m expecting. In fact, it’s a blessing that I get to share the journey with so many of you and in my favourite way – the written word.

Integrating Baby With Styled to Sparkle

I love to blog about Interior Design and with that you can expect a post revealing my nursery decor, how I decide to decorate baby’s bathroom and then posts as we transition into different kiddo bedroom designs.

The same goes for travel. One of the main reasons I started Styled to Sparkle was my passion for sharing travel advice. My passion and love for travel will still prevail and you can expect to keep seeing my detailed travel guides! I might also share some tips for traveling while pregnant, with a little one or traveling as a family, my babymoon and even great spots to take your kiddos on vacation.

Product Recommendations

Adding a baby to our lives definitely requires a ton of gear, which is why I’ve created this Baby & Family category so I can share all of my fave items with you. You already know that when I absolutely love something I can’t help myself but to share it with you (and in great detail) so why would this be any different?

Have a baby product that you loved/couldn’t live without? Please send me your recommendations – I’d love to hear them! (Instagram DM is great or fill out our contact form!)

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Carlee Krtolica
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