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Editor’s Note: Lauren’s Morning routine is something that we can all follow! Here she will share her tips and strategies for making the most of her day! 

A Day in the Life of Me

This was a topic I was asked to write about…a day in the life of me. What does a day in the life of me look like? That’s a hard question to answer, because as an entrepreneur (as many entrepreneurs can attest to) no day is exactly the same. Partly by choice, and partly because your role is made up of so many parts. The fact that I’m an entrepreneur that has multiple businesses, and is living between two different cities, adds to the differences in my days.

That being said, I have some non-negotiables. Those non-negotiables mostly take place in the morning, because that’s when I believe a routine can really be set…after that, so many things can come up during the day that change, rearrange, or dictate your plans.

This is what my ideal morning looks like if all of my non-negotiables are fulfilled:

#1: I wake up and have a cup of hot water with lemon.

This has changed my skin, my digestion, and my clarity. Some people may say that they don’t have time for this, but if I have an earlier day ahead of me, I adjust my alarm clock, so that this can still be part of my routine. Two important points with lemon water is that you should ideally not eat for 20-minutes afterwards, to reap the full benefits of it, and you should not brush your teeth up to an hour after having it, to protect your teeth’s enamel. I know, I know…if you’re heading to the office, this may cause some challenges.

#2: I meditate.

This is great to do right after the lemon water, to take my mind off of the time that I am not supposed to be eating. Plus, it sets your brain, your energy, your perspective, right where you want it to be to start your day!

#3: I have a healthy breakfast!

Food is our energy, and I always want to start the day right!

#4: I workout and stretch.

Once again, you may have to adjust your alarm clock for this. I have always preferred morning workouts, even when they had to be extra early when I was teaching preschool music in the mornings. I find if I push my workout to later, excuses can pop up, whether they are valid or not. Work runs late…you are too tired…you don’t have time to make dinner and workout…someone needs your help. In the morning, there seems to be less excuses!

Now, after those non-negotiables are complete, I’m able to start my day on the right foot. I can teach in-person, or teach via Skype. I can make lesson plans, or create and test a new recipe. I can put in cookware orders, or practice music. I can find sheet music for a student, or choreograph a musical theatre, all while feeling strong, accomplished, and positive, because my morning routine helped make me feel that way!

Because I am a list lover, I also have multiple items on my personal life list that I like to work into my day. Items as random as “practice juggling,” because that is one of my 2019 goals, or “write in my journal and read before bed” to settle down and end my day in the same, nice positive way that it began. I even schedule in my people time – time with friends and family is just as important (if not more important) to schedule in, as anything work-related!

Everyone’s days look different, but I think finding your non-negotiables and routine, even if you’re in different places on a regular basis, or growing a business, or running after kids, can create the energy and the vibe around your day that you desire!

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