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There are a few items that I always head to IKEA for without hesitation because of their low prices for great quality. Some of those include things like photo frames, storage boxes, glassware and dishes, curtains, cushion inserts, face cloths and more.

I don’t ever want a house that looks like an IKEA showroom, but I will admit that our home features more than a few of their products throughout. Not all IKEA products are designed for a college dorm or twenty-something apartment….you just have to dig a little deeper.

The end of July is an exciting time for me each year – it’s when IKEA starts releasing their new products (their catalogue dates run August 1 – July 31 each year). IKEA has launched several new collections, or added pieces to existing collections that I want to share with you in the coming weeks. Make sure you Subscribe to Sparkle to make sure you don’t miss a single post!

Here are my must-have new items from the Scandi-style box store!

For the Table

IKEA has some of the best open-stock dish ware out there! I love it for every day use or for when I need additional platters or bowls for entertaining. The price point of each item is so reasonable that if a glass gets broken, there’s no need to feel upset! My favorite new items for the table are:

  1. TILLAGD Flatware: Brass is all the rage right now, so why not add some to your table with this affordable flatware?! I love how it contrasts with the deep blue-hued FÄRGRIK Dishes.
  2. BEHAGA Plates & Bowls: I love these gorgeous watercolored dishes! I love them for a dinner party, every day use or as serving platters!
  3. FÄRGRIK Dishes: These can be purchased open stock or in sets. I love the new deep blue hue that they just released! I can’t wait to mix them in with my white dishes.
  4. STORHET Champagne Coupes: I love coupes for champagne and other cocktails and for stacking! At $2.50 each, these don’t feel like a huge investment for a party!

Décor, Accessories & More!

IKEA’s accessible price points make adding trendy items to your home easy and affordable. That way you can accessorize with ease and not feel like you needed to spend a fortune to update a space. Here are my favorite new décor items:

All That Brass

  1. SNOFSA Clock: A brass clock with a navy face…so simple and elegant. This is the easiest way to incorporate the brass trend into your space.
  2. MYRHEDEN Brass Picture Hanger: This gorgeous brass frame features 12 hooks for hanging notes, cards, photos, etc. as well as three hooks on the bottom for hanging additional items. There are so many uses for this piece!
  3. LAMPAN Table Lamp: This inexpensive table lamp comes in 3 other colors (if you love it and brass isn’t your thing). Perfect for small spaces or even a guest bedroom!


  1. PUDDA Basket: I love these soft grey baskets. They come in two sizes and are a great way to add texture to a space. They’re perfect for storing books, remotes, cards and more.
  2. PLUMSA Laundry Bag: This narrow and tall hamper is neutral, yet fun and adds interest to any space. I really want one!
  3. RISATORP Kitchen Basket: These great mesh baskets are ideal for storing fruits and veggies in the pantry! Their wooden handles tuck inside very nicely as well. They’re great for gardening and garage use, too.


  1. STILLSAMT Blanket: IKEA’s inexpensive throws are some of my favorite! I keep a few in the truck at all times. You never know when you’ll need to sit on one in a hockey rink, cover up your seats or cuddle with your pup!
  2. GIVANDE Stickers: Perfectly writable for jars, baskets, boxes and more!
  3. LUNNOM LED Edison Bulbs: I love Edison bulbs and these LED ones are perfect for any space. I love that they come in a variety of sizes and looks.
  4. ÖSTERNÄS Leather Hardware: This collection features drawer pulls and cabinet handles that are made of tanned leather! I love the texture and interest that they add.
  5. SOLBO Owl Table Lamp: The perfect amount of whimsy! I love this light for a child’s bedroom or just to add interest to an otherwise bland space.

Furniture Pieces

Forget what you thought about IKEA furniture – this isn’t your dorm room store anymore! Okay, it is, but there is also a mature side to the big blue box that you might not know about! Not all of their furniture is futons and $10 side tables. Here are some of my favorite new and adult pieces for your space:

  1. FABRIKÖR Glass Display CabinetI’m itching to find a spot in my house for this fun cabinet. I love the color and how its glass doors keep dust from covering what’s on the shelves. It would also be the perfect buffet table in a loft!
  2. KVITSBRO Basket TablesThis table comes in two sizes and colors and doubles as storage for blankets, magazines or other small items in the living room. I love the geometric designs and clean lines here.
  3. POÄNG Chair: Perhaps one of IKEA’s most iconic pieces, this chair now comes in a gorgeous shade of blue (with accompanying footstool of course). They’ve been constructing this piece for over 40 years and it is still one of their best sellers.
  4. VEDBO Arm Chair: I love this midcentury modern piece – from the dark charcoal upholstery to its wooden legs and low back design (it also comes in a higher back model, too).
  5. FJÄLBO Shelf Unit: I love the steel construction of this piece. The screened in shelving feels modern and cool while the wooden top keeps it warm and neutral. I love how it is higher than a consul table, yet just over counter height. I love the clean lines of its accompanying coffee table.
  6. KALLAX Shelf Insert: These shelving units have been around forever (and renamed if memory serves me correctly). I love that these new inserts allow you to add extra accessories to the shelving, making the space your own. At just under 5″ deep, the would serve as great drawer dividers, too!


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