Le Creuset French Oven

If there is one piece of cookware I use more than any other, it is my Le Creuset French Oven (or Dutch Oven).  This was the first piece I had ever purchased from the brand, so I decided I would get a medium sized Round Oven in Flame (their trademark color).  After one or two uses, I was sold and will be a customer for life.  Le Creuset cookware and kitchen accessories have become an addiction for me and I can see why they are a cult classic.  If you’re on the fence or are wondering if it’s worth the investment for this specific brand, here’s why I think it is a worthwhile purchase for your kitchen.


I love pots that are nice enough the go from stove to table and hold their heat if guests want a second helping during a family style meal.  The vibrant color choices provide something for everyone and every style.  Have leftovers?  Let the pot cool and put it in the fridge.  Reheat the next day in the oven or on the stovetop!

I also love pots that can go from stove top to oven, especially for stews or roasted meals (NOTE: my preference is the styles with wider handles as they make this easier with oven mitts on!).  They are also perfect for slow-cooked or one-pot meals.  I used to use my CrockPot slow cooker a lot, but it could be such a hassle to pull it out of the cupboard and was never easy to clean.  My Le Creuset ovens are really easy to clean, even for the most inexperienced cook (wink!).

This Oven is amazing for sticky things.  I like to make things like jams and jellies as well as tart and pie fillings on an annual to semi-annual basis and when I do, I make a large batch.  Anyone who has made these things from scratch will tell you that it is hard to keep things from burning on the bottom of a pot or saucepan.  The enamel coat doesn’t stain and the cast iron material holds the heat and distributes it evenly throughout.  After using it to make several batches of jams back-to-back last year, I knew I needed more than one of these in my collection!  It sped up my process considerably and I was far more successful in my fruit cooking endeavours.

My Le Creuset addiction runs deep.  My collection (so far!) includes three French Ovens (various shapes, sizes and colors), a Cast Iron Handle Skillet, a Classic Whistling Kettle, French Press, an Oval Au Gratin Dish, a Heritage Square Dish, a Shallow Wide BowlButter Crock and Utensil Crock.  I think my next purchase will be a Salt Crock or a Garlic Keeper!

These pieces make great wedding and bridal shower gifts.  Some of their smaller accessories and storage items are perfect stocking stuffers for the cook on your list.  Also, sometimes exclusive and special edition colors are released (like Aubergine for Williams-Sonoma! I was able to score a kettle in this color!).

Also worth mentioning: I have a gas range, but these work great with induction cooktops as well.

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica


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