Dog Walking Organization!

Keeping pet leashes, collars and other dog park needs in order can be tricky!  I chose a spot behind the door that was too shallow for other storage, but deep enough for a set of stylish hooks!  I like these themed ones from T.J.Maxx!  They allow me to hang leashes, harnesses, collars, poop bags and a towel to dry paws on the way in, all in an organized and easily accessible manner.


Follow these tips to turn otherwise wasted wall space into a convenient and organized area!

1. I like to keep pet items stored in the mudroom for easy access when we’re heading out the door for a walk.  I keep my family’s shoes, coats and outdoor items in this space, so why not keep my pets’ items there, too?

2. A shallow wall behind a door is often forgotten about space, but is usually deep enough to hang a set of hooks for items that don’t take up much depth themselves {note that in this photo the door casing comes all the way into the corner – this does not allow much depth for other storage, approx 3″}.

3. Ensure the hooks you use are deep enough to hold the items you require (some puppies require more substantial leashes!), as well as making sure they do not impede the opening of the door.

4. Keep a towel on hand in this area in case puppy comes in with wet or muddy paws!



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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica


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