DIY Jewelry Wall Hanger

Storing long necklaces and delicates can be a huge pain.  I find that if I can’t see my jewelry, I won’t wear it and long/delicate necklaces tend to get tangled when stored in a drawer.

I didn’t want to hang hooks directly on the wall in my closet, but I also didn’t want a bulky frame to hold jewelry.  I settled on this DIY project that was very easy and inexpensive!


I found frames at IKEA that were lightweight and very shallow (and inexpensive) that would fit my allotted space.  To give them some dimension, I bought a few sheets of scrapbooking paper ($0.99 each at Michaels!) to frame for the background.  The sheets weren’t quite large enough to fill the entire frame so I had to connect a few of them using double sided scrapbooking tape for seamlessness.

I added 3M Command Hooks in various sizes to the ‘glass’ of the frames to hang the jewelry.  I opted for the Small Wire Hooks for the larger, long necklaces and the Clear Mini Hooks for delicates.  I secured the frames to the wall using Picture Hanging Strips.


Materials Used:

Frames: ‘FISKBO’ Frame (various colors, $5.99 – $7.99, IKEA).

Hooks: 3M Command Clear Small Wire Hooks (3pk, $3.29, Target), 3M Command Clear Mini Hooks (6pk, $3.69, Target).  Click here to view all hook options.

Scrapbook Tape: Scotch Extra Strength Adhesive Roller, Clear Strip Pattern ($6.99, Target).

Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica