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As I feature parts of my home in this section of the blog, I thought it would be best to start at the beginning…

About six years ago, my husband and I moved into our newly built home.  We came from an 850 sq. ft., 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo that my husband had renovated himself.  I loved our condo and its finishings, but unless we could turn the second bedroom into a closet, we weren’t going to fit in there for very long.  The space was fantastic, but between our bikes, golf clubs, hockey gear (worth noting: my husband is a goalie) and other sports equipment, a home with a garage couldn’t be too far off the horizon for us.

First of all, we weren’t planning on building a home (especially while we were planning our wedding!), but a pie-shaped cul-de-sac lot full of mature trees became available in a neighbourhood we had been eying.  There was a slow in home builds at the time (so there were extra incentives) as well as a lot that we just couldn’t pass up!  We decided to go for it.  After all, these opportunities don’t come along every day in new developments.

We found a builder we were comfortable with and fell in love with one of their floor plans (mainly because of the giant windows in the almost 20′ tall living room that overlooks the backyard).    Was it larger than what we needed?  Absolutely.  But we wanted something we could grow into, not grow out of in 6-12 months.

The Building Process: This was the easy part.  Our home builder was fantastic and we were able to choose finishings that we were happy with at the time (it definitely helps that my husband and I have the same tastes when it comes to these things).  I say “at the time” because we’ve made a few aesthetic changes/upgrades to our home since moving in.

I know we chose everything ourselves, but you don’t always know what you want until you’re in a space.  Also, building a house when you’re the ripe age of 24 and 26 years old, your tastes inevitably change over time.  The other reasons we’ve made changes were that we simply chose the best option at the time or that we were in our 20s and are now in our 30s, so we want more of a grown-up space.  I still love our floor plan, which is great, because that’s a bit trickier and expensive to alter at this stage.

As we embarked on this journey, I don’t think we quite knew what we were in for, but every step was exciting because it was our adventure.  And it still is.  “Adventures in home ownership” is something my husband quips with each trip to The Home Depot.

Keep reading as I chronicle our landscape projects, renovations, basement development, decorating and more!

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