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Lauren Rodych-Eberle Hiking Guide

It’s no secret that food is very important to me. When I’m prepping for a hike, what I’m going to eat is a huge priority on my list. There are no Tim Horton’s at the top of the mountain (believe it or not!) so here are some of my favourite hiking foods that I like to pack!

#1: Water

swell bottles - what to pack for a hikeI pack all the water I can carry in my Hydration Pack, and maybe even more. Staying hydrated is so important! See my post about required gear for hydration packs!
Shop: S’well Bottles


#2: Power Bars

My favourite power bars (other than homemade ones) are the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Lara Bars & a variety of the RX Bars, but whatever your favourite power bars are, do it up!

#3: Honey Stinger Packs

honey stinger energy gel packets - what to pack for hiking

These are so great for some quick fuelling on the go, and they are compact, so you can pack as many as you want or need, just in case. They also come in a variety of yummy flavours.

#4: Salads

tupperware on the go salad set - what to pack for hikingI love packing my salads full of veggies and proteins; it is such a refreshing meal at the top. Shop: Tupperware On The Go Salad Set


#5: Almonds/Nuts

mixed nuts - what to pack for hiking

Another easy, compact snack that doesn’t need to stay cold! Always nice for sharing with your fellow hikers too.

#6: Veggies

cut up veggies in container - what to pack for hiking

Cut up veggies for eating on the go (especially peppers) are my jam! Add some hummus, and I’m a happy hiker!

#7: Sandwiches + Wraps

multi layer sandwich

Sandwiches & wraps are great for those extra carbs you might need as you’re burning those crazy hiking calories.

Pre-Hike Meal

Pre-hike, I love to eat a good breakfast (or lunch), especially homemade oatmeal for a slow, digestive meal that keeps me going throughout my long hike!

bowl of oatmeal with blueberries

In my opinion, when it comes to packing food for your hike, I’d always rather have more, than less. No hangry people allowed on the mountain 😉

Eat well, hike often, and be happy!



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