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Let’s talk about loungewear. I’ve worked from home for 7+ years now and I’ve always believed that comfort is key; I didn’t need a pandemic to tell me to be comfy at home. I didn’t need to have a baby to tell me that, either! If you can find something that gets you out of your pjs but something you can also nap in, then all the better. I’m also always on the lookout for something comfortable and stylish to wear while traveling and sadly, that combination isn’t as easy to find as you’d think it is.

Shop: Aldae Jogger

Finding comfortable and breathable loungewear that I can wear out of the house without looking like I’ve just been to the gym or like I’m too much of an athleisure enthusiast (i.e. leggings + anything) is hard to find. Then I came across hernest project and after one wear, I was immediately in love. It’s because of the fabric, the design, the fit, everything. It is every bit as good as it looks online.

The fabric is amazing. I’ve worn my pieces in Canada through late Winter and now Spring and I wore them a ton on a vacation in Florida, too. They were great for spending time on the beach! Needless to say, I put them to the test in a variety of climates and situations!

Shop: Veronica Tank | Betty Brief

A big thing for me when it comes to choosing pieces like these is versatility. I love that I can wear hernest project pieces while I’m sitting in bed with my laptop, playing on the floor with my little, meeting a friend for coffee or on my weekly runs to Costco. If you’re only going to order one piece, order the lounge pants…but something tells me once you try those, you’ll order more.

Shop: Veronica Tank | Take-me-away LS

I’m also in love with the tanks, briefs, long sleeved tops…okay, so all of it. My biggest regret: not knowing that this brand existed while I was pregnant (but thankful I found them in postpartum!).

Finding Your Size

What I love about their sizing is that they give you their models’ measurements so that you can get a solid idea of what size you’ll need. I know that ordering online can be really tricky for people, and hernest project really takes the guesswork out of it for you, which I love. Their pieces are made to be flattering to a variety of body types and I believe that they are. I will say it again: it is every bit as good as it looks on the website, maybe even better.

A Bit About The Brand

I’ve told you how much I love the product itself, but I need to tell you why I also love the brand. Here’s a little about hernest project:

#1: Style. To start, hernest is “her” and “nest” combined. Cassandra, the brand’s amazing founder, sought to create a line of clothing that was comfortable, practical and flattering. I believe she succeeded. Each piece is designed to be really versatile and offer freedom of movement. I feel like the list of “ands” could go on and on. More about their design principles here.

#2: Comfort. I find that this collection is idea for wearing when travelling – the pieces are stylish and comfortable, but they also breathe really, really well because of the fabric they’re made of.  The fabric keeps me warm when I need it to, and cool when I need it to; features that make hernest project the perfect pieces to pack and wear when travelling, especially when you can’t predict the weather.

Shop: Resten Dress

#3: Versatility. I love that pieces can be worn out and about, dressed up or down, lounged in, slept in, (fill in the blank) in. Again, perfect for a travel capsule wardrobe. Be sure to check out their jumpsuits, too, as these might be among the most versatile!

#4: Quality. So many of us love black loungewear but find that it fades and doesn’t hold its colour after a number of washes. This is the best black fabric I have ever found. hernest project‘s items hold their colour, shape and style when washed correctly. These pieces are worth the investment because of their lasting quality. More about the fabric here.

#5: They give back. I believe in being environmentally conscious and I think that one of the best ways to give back is to plant trees. 1% of profits from hernest project go to planting trees both in Canada and globally where needed. More about their commitment to sustainability here.

Shop: Veronica Tank | Take-me-away LS

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