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Do you have a tea lover on your hands? I thought I’d make gift giving a little easier for you by putting together a list of some of my personal tea favourites that would make for perfect gifts, with a variety of prices! Click the pink links in this post to shop! [Prices listed do not include tax or shipping – orders can be shipped anywhere in Canada].

Tea Triangles

Tea Triangles

Tea Triangles are individual bags of tea. You still get the goodness of loose leaf tea, but don’t have to worry about the infuser. Plus, they are easy to pack on the go – for work or on trips!! The tea triangles are also great for a person that you know loves tea, but you aren’t sure their loose leaf tea knowledge! My faves for gifting are:

  1. Berry Mania Fruit Tea ($17 – #3019)
  2. Earl Grey de la Crème Black Tea ($14 – #1019)
  3. Laughter and Lemonade Green Tea ($14 – #4519)
  4. Peppy Peppermint Herbal Tea ($14 – #8039)


Matcha Tin

Matcha has so many health benefits and is a great energy booster! It also is a little pricier than the loose leaf teas, so is a lovely gift to be spoiled with! Here are my favorites to gift someone who might just be getting started with Matcha!

  1. Vanilla Matcha ($39 – #4381)
  2. Stainless Steel Matcha Whisk ($12 – #9186)
  3. 1 cup of Matcha Spoon ($8 – #9188)

In the samplers’ section below, I suggest the Matcha Sampler as a great gift idea. Also, see my post on How To Make Your Matcha!

Matcha Tins



The steepers would pair nicely with a bag of loose leaf tea! They also make great stocking stuffers!

  1. Fine Mesh Infuser ($19 – #9160)
  2. Steeping Sacks ($10 – #9142)


Tea Sample Packs

The samplers come in smaller packs, so your tea lover gets to try a variety of teas. The samplers also include steeping sacks (the Matcha Sampler does not include steeping sacks, because matcha mixes right into the water/liquid). These also make great hostess gifts!

  1. Matcha Sampler ($60 – #19388)
  2. Holiday Sampler ($40 – #19430)
  3. Top Sellers Sampler ($40 – #19438)

Even for a Coffee Lover

The Pop Top Tumbler ($40) is a huge hit for anyone that wants to keep their drink hot (or cold, for that matter). The Tumblers can also be engraved for $10 and come in a variety of fun colours! (links below)

Tea Coffee Tumbler

Teal (#9242) | Lime (#9246) | Coral (#9248)
Papaya (#9249) | Grey (#9245) | Purple (#9244)

For Those Crazy People Who Don’t Drink Tea

for those who don't drink tea

This one explains itself. Here are some alternate ideas that I love. They would be great for a teacher, a kid (hot chocolate, am I right?!), or anyone that you’re not sure of their drink preference!

  1. Sweet Mango and Tea Soap ($10.50 – #7037)
  2. Candy Cane Hot Chocolate ($12 – #7183)
  3. Tourist Tins ($15 – #9326) – these pair well with tea triangles!

For Parties or Families

Sweet Tea Pitcher

Here is the goodness you need to make big batches of tea to pop into the refrigerator! Learn about making Tea Sangria in my earlier post and you’re going to want to get the Sweet Tea Pitcher for yourself!!

  1. Sweet Tea Pitcher ($39 – #9143)
  2. Iced Tea Infusion Jug ($44 – #9140)
  3. 1 Pot of Steeped Tea Spoon ($9 – #9181)


Placing your order by early December would be ideal in order to guarantee you receive your gifts in time for the holidays! If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly at

Happy Sipping, Y’all!

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