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Some of us like to cook. Some of us like to eat. Which ever category you fall under, I have some wonderful ideas that will help you (and those you wish to gift to) in the kitchen! Gifts for the At-Home Chef | Pampered Chef Flat Lay | Gift Guide | Kitchen GadgetsPrices listed do not include tax or shipping – orders can be shipped anywhere in Canada. Click all images and titles to shop. 

For the “Easy” Cook

These ideas are perfect for the cook that likes to make time in the kitchen easier and faster, while still having healthy options. All these items also help make prepping meals a breeze. It is no secret that the Brownie Pan (and Mini Nylon Serving Spatula) are my all time favourite Pampered Chef items!

  1. Manual Food Processor (#2593 – $64.25)
  2. Brownie Pan (#1544 – $27.00). I suggest also getting the Mini Nylon Serving Spatula, in order to easily remove the food.
  3. Mini Nylon Serving Spatula (#2438 – $6.75)
  4. Veggie Strip Maker (#1145 – $18.25)

For the BBQ Lover

There are many options for the BBQ lover, but the Grilling Tool Set gives the griller in your life everything they will need, minus the grill!Pampered Chef BBQ SetGrilling Tool Set (#2725 – $99.00)

For the Indoor Cook

If you know anyone like me, who doesn’t like to head out to the BBQ, these are the items for you! I grill steaks right on my stove, and cook perfect chicken & potatoes (and so much more) directly on my grill pan and stoneware!

  1. Executive Nonstick Square Grill Pan (#2868 – $168.00)
  2. Large Bar Pan (#1446 – $49.00)
  3. Large Round Stone (#1371 – $47.50)

Must Haves…just because…

Not only are these items listed ‘must haves’ in the kitchen, they are also a reasonable price!! The Mix ‘N Chop is essential for any ground meat lover! The Oven Mitts stay in the best condition, and can be paired with many of the items. Tip: use an Oven Mitt as wrapping and fill it with a bunch of kitchen gadgets!

  1. Mix ‘N Chop (2583 – $16.00)
  2. Classic Scraper (#1650 – $18.50)
  3. Chef Tongs Large (#2955 – $26.25)
  4. Bamboo Spoon Set (#1674 – $13.50)
  5. Silicone Oven Mitt Set (#1367 – $42.75)

For Kids

Get them started young with some fun kitchen items made especially for them!

  1. Pancake Blender Bottle (#1769 – $25.00)
  2. Microwave Popcorn Maker (#1457 – $30.00)
  3. Kids’ Cookie Baking Set (#1472 – $75.00)

For the On-The-Go Eater!

Whether you’re on the go, eating at work, or running off to a party or camping, these items are great for you, or to share!







  1. Make & Take Mason Jar (#1469 – $20.00)
  2. Large Square Cool & Serve (#2614 – $52.50)

For the Baker

Need I say more? These items for the bakers in your life explain themselves!

  1. Cookie Sheet (#1574 – $27.50)
  2. Reversible Silicone Baking Mat (#1732 – $34.75). This fits perfectly on the Cookie Sheet)
  3. Stainless Steel Scoop Medium (#2540 – $22.50)

Placing your order by early December would be ideal in order to guarantee you receive your gifts in time for the holidays! If you have questions, feel free to contact me directly at

Happy Cooking, Y’all!

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