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Tech lovers are on everyone’s gift list!  Here are some of our favorite unique tech gifts this year!


  1. Kate Spade New York Scallop Activity Tracker ($98, Nordstrom).  Track your steps, sleep and daily activities with this stylish activity tracker – it comes in patterns with polka dots and sparkles, too. Light notifications keep you updated on your progress, while a connected app lets you customize your experience. The Bluetooth®-enabled design can even control your camera and music for added convenience.

  2. Snapstyk iPhone 6/6s Case with Built-In Bluetooth Selfie Stick ($49, Nordstrom).  I know that some people think selfie-sticks are silly, but if you want to capture photos while hiking, on vacation or anywhere that you’re alone and need a great shot of yourselves, this is perfect! Because this one is built in the case, it is super convenient.

  3. Polaroid 600 Instant Camera ($159, Nordstrom).  This throwback comes in blue (shown), pink and red.

  4. Bracelet with iPhone Charger ($125, Nordstrom).  It comes in both silver and gold and will add refinement to your ensemble while keeping your iPhone charged up on the go. Rather than sit around waiting for your battery to get out of the red, this lightweight tech accessory was made to keep up with your active lifestyle. And with a sleek, minimal design, you’ll want to wear it even if your phone is in the green.

  5. Chronos Watch Smart Disc ($99.99, Nordstrom).  This is just so cool! Instantly transform your go-to timepieces into state-of-the-art smart watches with a sleek tech disc that discreetly mounts to the back of any case using a innovative magnet-free suction technique.

  6. Elemental USB Turntable ($279, Nordstrom).  Listening to music on vinyl has become more on-trend as of late, and this USB-powered version is great!  It also makes a great gift for those with a great vintage vinyl collection and no way to play it!

  7. Rebecca Minkoff Power Tassle Bag Charm ($55, Nordstrom).  Bag tassles are really in right now and this one adds some functional flair to your favorite handbag or keys with a swingy tassel bag charm paired with a USB power cable to charge your smartphone!

  8. Bluetooth Beanie w. Headphones & Microphone ($49.95, Home Hardware).  Stay warm and connected with this great toque!  Perfect for the runners on your list or any outdoorsman! (even great for shovelling the driveway and chatting or listening to music).

  9. Virtual Reality Viewer Goggles ($20, Nordstrom).  Download compatible apps on a smartphone, slide it into the viewer and get ready for a wild ride around the world and beyond.

  10. 3Doodler Create 3D Pen ($129.95, IndigoChapters).  Compact & easy to use, the 3DoodlerCreate extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure.

Looking for more great tech gifts?  Check out our Tech Gifts 2015 List.


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