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I’d be lying if I said this Gift Guide is not biased, as a majority of it corresponds to what is on my own Christmas list this holiday season! I have a very active family, so gifts usually consist of work-out apparel and fitness accessories.

You can rarely go wrong with a gift that is personal to someone’s favorite fitness activity, where it helps to keep them healthy or make sure they are looking good for their next work out!


  1. Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones ($329.99, Beats by Dre).  Now that the iPhone7 has removed the headphone jack, wireless headphones are going to be big-ticket items this holiday season.  I recommend the Solo 3 over-the-ear headphones as a great option for weigh lifting and listening to pre-game tunes to get pumped up for a big game!  Color options include: black, white, matte black, silver, gold, rose gold (shown), purple, and red.

  2. GoPro Hero5 Black ($399.99, GoPro).  The prefect gift for any adrenaline-loving, active, thrill seeker. The GoPro Hero5 Black is the latest camera in the GoPro family to hit shelves just before the holiday season. With a new touch screen and location via Bluetooth feature, the Black is perfect for anyone who wants to capture their weekly adventures. Water, Wind, and Dirt proof, the Hero Black will tackle any climate you venture into. Where it’s skiing down Sunshine or wakeboarding on the lake, the Hero 5 Black is fully equipped to capture it all.

  3. Surge Warm Crew ($118, Lululemon).  Lululemon is not just a brand it’s a full on lifestyle. Their clothing offers casual everyday pieces along with fantastic moisture wicking fitness apparel. Whether I am playing hockey, or in an hour long spin class I always try to wear one of Lululemon’s active tops or sports bras to keep cool during a work out. Their men’s and women’s lines offer something for everyone this shopping season, and with their next level comfort those on the receiving end will be lucking out.  The surge line (pictured here) is lined with silver and contains anti-microbial properties.

  4. Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones ($249.95, Beats by Dre).  If you are a cardio lover, I would recommend the Power 3 headphones (over the Solo 3s above) as they secure to you ear and are great for noise cancellation. Color options include: black, white, blue, red (shown), and green.

  5. S’well Water Bottle ($38-$58, IndigoChapters).  When I work out I love COLD water. These water bottles keep your beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. They make a perfect gift for anyone on the go (as well as a great stocking stuffer!). THey also come in endless color and customizable options that fit any personality type.

  6. Foam Roller ($44.99, ProHockey Life).  These are a revelation for anyone who is active!  It’s like a do-it-yourself deep tissue massage. Depending on where you go, many foam rollers come in different firmness, depending on your preference and tolerance. I prefer the firm rollers because they tend to disperse blood flow quicker. Perfect for recovering after a work out or and great for added flexibility and injury prevention.

  7. 2XU Compression Apparel (prices vary, 2XU).  I have recently learned about this company and I have become a huge supporter of their brand. Based in the land down under 2XU is a 360-degree compression line that blows (in my opinion) Under Armour and Nike out of the water. With men’s, women’s, and a separate hockey line, 2XU offers something for everyone. The products include, leggings, shorts, socks, tank tops, t-shirts, and arm sleeves, which are available in three levels of compression. Elite, performance, and recovery options offer possibilities for all and I can honestly say change the game for elite level and even beer league athletes. 2XU increases blood flow to the extremities and through years and years of testing increase blood flow back to you heart to pump it back to you muscles faster, whether you want to prevent or help sports injuries or are just looking for increased energy over the competition I would for sure look into this company for the athletes in you life.

  8. Saxx Underwear ($29.99, Saxx Underwear).  The softest and most comfortable underwear men will ever own. Every man I talk to does not have one bad thing to say about this underwear. With everyday and performance styles plus endless designs options SAXX is perfect for any occasion.

  9. KT Tape ($21.99, SportChek).  I have had to use KT Tape on several occasions. You literally can put this almost anywhere that’s a muscle on your body. It stabilizes minor sport injuries, comes in a variety of colors, and keeps athletes playing through minor aches and pains.  Shoulders, knees, calves, and hamstrings, KT Tape can help them all.

  10. Free to Be Zen Bra ($54, Lululemon).  As mentioned above, this line of activewear is a cut above.  This bra contains a silver lining.

  11. Editor’s Pick: drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 ($16, Sephora).  Dry shampoo is a must-have for working out, especially if it’s on your lunch hour or a day that you aren’t washing your hair.  Refresh your blowout with this fave product!

  12. BioSteel Products (prices vary, BioSteel).  #drinkthepink is an all-in-one sports drink that can be consumed pre, post, and during workouts. The BioSteel line also carries excellent protein powder (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and vegan), and nutrition bars for every level of athlete.  Try a tube of High Performance Sports Drink as a stocking stuffer!

Looking for more?  Check out last year’s Fitness Gifts!


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