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Just because you’re in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t keep a small garden.  Whether you have a balcony, a terrace or just a window, here are some space-efficient options for the urban dweller!

Starting Small:
This Ceramic Herb Trio Planter ($13.99, Threshold, Target) is a great place to start!  Perfect for potted herbs inside or out, they can also be used for small hot pepper plants as well!

Threshold Ceramic Herb Trio Planter ($14.99, Target)
Threshold Ceramic Herb Trio Planter ($14.99, Target)

For something a bit brighter, try this ombre trio Herb Garden Set ($19.99, Target) in limelight (greens), butterscotch (orange through yellow) or bluemoon (teals)!

Herb Garden Set ($19.99, Target)
Herb Garden Set ($19.99, Target)


A Touch of Whimsy: I love adding whimsical touches to a garden, but I like to do it without being tacky (think: no more gnome!).  This Gray Owl Planter (starting at $47.99, Target) comes in two sizes.  It’s made of polystone resin, which makes it durable and weather resistant, as well as lightweight while looking like it’s been carved out of granite.  My pick: plant something in here that can grow in all sorts of directions like thyme.

Gray Owl Planter, $47.99, Target
Gray Owl Planter, $47.99, Target


The Vintage Plant Stand: I love the vintage appeal of this Metal Square Plant Stand (color: grey, $19.99, Threshold, Target) as an option for hosting a few small pots.  Its frame is sturdy and rust resistant and the neutral grey allows you to choose any color of planter you’d like without the worries of clashing.

square plant stand
Threshold Grey Metal Square Plant Stand ($19.99, Target)


The Hanging Planter: This is a gorgeous twist on the classic hanging planter!  Available in blue (shown) or bright white, this Ceramic 2-Hole Hanging Planter ($11.99, Threshold, Target) adds a polished look to any patio.  Say no more to those brown and white plastic pots from the hardware store hanging on porches!

Threshold Ceramic 2-Hole Hanging Planter ($11.99, Target)
Threshold Ceramic 2-Hole Hanging Planter ($11.99, Target)


The Classic Window Box: I love a window box on a railing, especially with flowers or vines spilling out of it.  A few options are this Mayne Cape Cod 4′ Window Box ($139.99, Target) or its more space and cost-efficient counterpart, the Bloem 18″ Dura Cotta Window Box ($15.99, Target). {TIPS: Make sure you measure the width of your rail before purchasing a window box; Some window boxes come with their own mounting kits}. 

Mayne Cape Cod 4' Window Box ($139.99, Target)
Mayne Cape Cod 4′ Window Box ($139.99, Target)


The Wooden Planter Box: For a more rustic feel or to grow more herbs and veggies, this Rustic Planter Box by Gronomics ($150.99, Target) is a great option.  There is also the advantage of no weeds when growing in planters!  Gronomics’ wooden planter boxes come in a variety of sizes – click here to find the perfect size for your space.

wooden garden box
Gronomics Rustic Planter Box, $150.99, Target


**Editor’s Choice: I like to plant a medium sized tomato plant (caged) in the center of a large pot and plant small herbs around it.  I like having the different levels of greenery in one pot and it helps to make the planter look fuller.

A Larger Option: This Vertical Garden by Gronomics ($228.99, Target) is perfect for narrow spaces.   It provides over 17 linear feet of growing space but only takes up 2 square feet of real estate!  It is made of unfinished wood (western cedar, which is gorgeous) and comes with its own irrigation system.

Gronomics Vertical Garden $228.99, Target)
Gronomics Vertical Garden $228.99, Target)

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