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Of course we all know that shovels and watering cans are required, but there’s no need to look like a grandma in the garden!  Here are some key tools in fresh and vibrant colors to make planting and maintaining your garden more fun!

hip holster
Hip Holster, Garden Pruner & Textured Rubber Coated Gloves, $18.99, Target
My favorite gardening gloves are textured rubber coated – they are grippy and keep your hands dry, but are also woven on the backside so that your hands don’t overheat.  They allow you to feel what you’re doing, but provide a waterproof barrier between your hands and anything ‘icky’.  This set also comes with matching pruners and cultivator with a handy hip holster to keep tools close by!

threshold tool set
Fiskars 3-Piece Toolset, $19.99, Target
This set includes almost everything you’ll need: a hand spade, cultivator and pruners, plus it comes in a few cute patterns!

fiskars fashion trimmer
Fiskars Fashion Pruner (2pk), $13.99, Target
Fiskars is probably my favorite brand of garden tool – they are high quality and last for years, but they are at a reasonable price point.  I love that these come in different colors, so you’re not stuck with boring brown anymore!

watering can
Bloem’s 56oz Aqua Rite Watering Can (color: exotica), $13.50, Target
I like that this watering can has a long spout, which makes it easier to water overhead hanging baskets.  This one comes in quite a few colors, too!

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