Wine + Chip Pairings

Move over wine and chocolate – you were never really that good together anyway – wine and chips are here and they’re a pair built to last!

Before the pairings, there is one thing that needs mentioning, the only rule I would apply to such pairings. Though it’s particularly relevant to wine and chip pairings (cue greasy fingers) it should be a rule that is applied at all times. I urge you to take this oath:

“I solemnly swear that when pairing wine and chips, I will use stemmed wine glasses and hold said glass by the stem – greasy, chip residue laden wine glasses are gross.”

Now, with no further ado – five of my favourite wine and chip pairings.

Zinfandel & BBQ

This was the first magical moment of wine and chip pairings for me – it’s opened so many delicious doors, even sparking this blog! A nice, big, juicy Lodi (California) Zin and specifically Old Dutch BBQ chips is a match made in heaven. Spicy, fruity – everything I want in a contrasting pairing.

Sauvignon Blanc & Dill Pickle

For this pairing I lean to either Italian Sauvignon Blanc (Feudi di Romans) or Loire (Wally). Both have great acidity and that classic freshness but the herbaceous characters that you may be used to in New Zealand Sauv Blanc is toned way down.

champagne and potato chips, wine and chip pairings

Champagne & Plain

If you’re a wine geek or a chip aficionado and you haven’t enjoyed this pairing all I have to ask is, what are you waiting for!? A classic harmony – salty, bubbly and mineral driven. Caution: also a little addictive…

Pinot Noir & Harvest Cheddar

I’m a bit particular about my chips, I approach new flavours warily (Bacon, Mac & Cheese flavoured – uh nope!), but I have high expectations for chip royalty – I’m talking Miss Vickie’s. They dropped some new flavours and I’m obsessed with the Harvest Cheddar and a fruity Pinot Noir.

Rosé & All Dressed

I was hopeful this would be a good pairing when I gave it a whirl but I did not anticipate this being SO good. The wine I chose has a touch of residual sugar – Andreas Bender Rosé – and with the salty, spicy magic that is all dressed chips (Old Dutch), a pair that compliments each other like Mulder and Scully.


Wine and Chip Pairings
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