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By now you probably know that I have all kinds of fun pairing wine and junk food. Sure Merlot pairs with mini eggs, and Prosecco and peeps are a match made in heaven, but I do eat more substantial meals too. No matter what you’re eating this Easter, from takeout to turkey, here’s my favourite picks and pairings.

Nino Franco, Rustico Prosecco – Bubbly $23.95 (ITL)

As a firm believer you should always have something bubbly in the fridge, Easter is certainly no exception to my rule. Nino Franco is proud to be one of the oldest wineries in Valdobbiadene, the infamous Italian Prosecco region. The family was driven to introduce the international wine market to an alternative to Champagne, and they did so impressively! The Rustico is 100% Glera (the Prosecco varietal), with notes of pear, apple and peach with fine, persistent bubbles.
Pair it With: this will shine with a spread of appetizers, pasta or simply on its own!

Devil’s Backbone Pinot Gris – Mellow $28.20 (NZ)

Pinot Gris is without a doubt one of my favourite white varietals. Naturally, styles and expression can vary, but the best are complex with fragrant noses and notes of apple and sweet baking spices. The Devil’s Backbone is a brilliant example of how wonderful Pinot Gris can be; it has notes of pear, apricot and clove with impeccable acidity to harmonize the wine. The secret here is the addition of 5% Gewurztraminer that truly elevates it from a good wine to a great wine!
Pair it With: this will be stunning with turkey, or conversely, if you’re opting to for Chinese takeout – this is your wine!

Culmina Saignée Rosé – Rosé $34.45 (CAN)

Drinking rosé year-round is completely acceptable (and encouraged), but if you’re one of those to start sipping them in the spring, let this be your inaugural bottle! Culmina is the rather-than-retirement project of Don Triggs and his family (as in Triggs of Jackson-Triggs). It’s the culmination of his life’s work, and the wines produced here are something to savour and enjoy with family. The juice for the rosé is bled off their bold Bordeaux blend, Hypothesis, in a process known as Saignée, hence the name. The wine is subtle and elegant with notes of roses, mint, mineral and strawberry.
Pair it With: light appetizers or if you’re cooking up an Easter chicken.

Haywire Gamay – Elegant $31.70 (CAN)

We fell in love with Haywire two summers ago on a trip to the Okanagan Crush Pad, and we’re thrilled they’re now readily available in the Alberta market! If you’re unfamiliar with the Crush Pad, check it out here: LINK. The Gamay Noir is simply outstanding. It spends just enough time in French oak barrels to give the wine soft structure and a wonderful mouthfeel. It has notes of candied cherry, earth and raspberry.
Pair it With: lighter fare like chicken, turkey or pork

Maria Bobal – Bold $24.70 (SPA)

Never heard of Bobal? You’re not alone. It’s known to ripen unevenly so until recently, many producers were hesitant to put all their eggs in that basket (Easter pun intended), and instead opted to use it in blends instead. The grape is dark skinned and the resulting wine is deeply coloured, with notes of licorice, smoke, chocolate and ripe blackberries with structured yet well-integrated tannins.
Pair it With: heartier fare, like rich lamb dishes and beef roasts.

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Selena Gaudet
Selena Gaudet

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