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It could be argued that Champagne is one of the most likable drinks in the wine family. Just looked at Dom Perignon – everyone from the Benedictine monks to Jay Z and 50 Cent has romanced its virtues.

But even if religion and hip-hop isn’t really your thing, there are still a number of Champagnes and bubbles out there that you can enjoy this holiday season.

Here’s a list of Vine Styles’ top picks:

The Best Deals. Bubbles in the 20s

Agusti Torello Cava ($22.70)

Made in a dryer style than Prosecco, the Torello Cava is smooth and a good accompaniment for almost any occasion.

Pro Frizzante Prosecco ($24.20)

This holiday, if you’re after Prosecco then you have to make it Tomasella. With fresh green apple and pineapple in the glass, this is the perfect one to enjoy with some cold Hawaiian pizza on January 1st.

Tomasella Ose ($25.20)

This is another lovely choice. This Rosé Spumante has a touch of sweetness and a good raspberry bouquet. We think this is what you’d call ‘La Dolce Vita’.

Domaine de Baud Brut Sauvage Cremant de Jura ($29.95)

Hailing from a lesser-known region of France, the Jura might be mistaken for classic brut Champagne in a blind tasting. It’s just remarkable for the price.

Middle Weight Contenders. Bubbles from 40 to 60ish

Graham Beck Cap Classique Blanc de Blanc (33.20)

For those of you who are new to South African bubbles, Graham Beck makes some pretty impressive stuff. In fact, this was the label that Obama used to toast his first night as President of the United States.

These bubbles might not be political but they still have a serious agenda for your taste buds.

Dubl ($45.20)

What happens when a French and Italian winemaker join forces? You get Dubl: A Champagne inspired bubbly from the Southern reaches of Italy.

Made in the same region as Mt. Vesuvius, the duo has created a signature style with indigenous grapes.

Cass Sparkling ($52.60)

Here’s a Cali sparkling with a twist. Made with 100% Marsanne this is something new to try. Hello citrus and fresh lemon via the Rhone Valley!

Bubbles For The Big Spender

Recaredo Brut de Brut ($71.70)

Made with a local medley of grapes, the Recaredo shows beautiful layers of flavour thanks in part to being aged for close to 5 years before release. You’ll fall in love with the warm citrusy notes on this enchanting Spanish number.

Champagne Henriot Brut 2003 Vintage ($93.20)

Oh là là

For the Pinot Noir lovers out there, the ’03 brut will charm you with black fruit notes and a palate that reminds you of a French patisserie.

So haute!

Agusti Torello Kripta Cava ($102)

Now ordinarily, we’d say “Don’t judge a wine by its label”, but this time we’re making an exception.

Made with grapes from old vines in Penedes, Spain, this is a Cava experience. Sold in a round-bottomed wine bottle, this is wine you simply can’t put down (both literally and figuratively).


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Selena Gaudet
Selena Gaudet

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