Best Brunch Pairings

You know you’re an adult when you brunch harder than you party – or at least that’s the case for my friends and I. It’s no breaking news story that life is busy so what used to be a regular Friday night with too many hi-balls and late night pizza has turned into yoga pants clad brunches at home.

So in honour of our annual tradition, “Brunchmas”: here’s 4 of my favourite brunch worthy bottles and killer pairings:

Nova 7 + French Toast

As far as brunch goes, this is really the quintessential wine! Nova 7 is an aromatic, lower alcohol (7%), slightly effervescent, perfectly sweet wine made in Nova Scotia! Pair it with French Toast and bask in the deliciousness that is sweetness with the perfect splash of refreshing acidity. Nova 7, $28

Pinot Noir + Duck Confit Waffles

This is one of Nathalie’s favourites – so if you try it, thank her! I’m constantly struggling to decide between sweet or savoury dishes at brunch and this is the best of both worlds, besides duck is just delicious. Like the dish, this wine is like a happy crossover of earthy Burgundy roots meeting a plush Oregon fruit to make you one unbelievably delicious pairing. Try Perroud Bourgogne Confidences, $33

Rosé + Grown Up Grilled Cheese

Full disclosure: we’re not against a classic grilled cheese, but to class it up for brunch we like to opt for fancier cheeses. Try Gruyere, Mozza, Gouda or better yet – just go to Peasant Cheese and put yourself in their capable hands, grab some Sidewalk Citizen bread while you’re at it! Pair it with Rosé to keep it flavourful but also fresh and zippy!
Try Turkey Flat Rosé, $28

Crémant + Egg Bake

Bubbles are the most magical food wine, when in doubt bubbles are almost always going to be a knockout. Bubbles and eggs? A match made in Brunch heaven. We’ve got the tastes of Beyoncé we certainly don’t have the budget so we opt for Crémant. Crémant is a French style of sparkling wine that is famous for being creamier (less intensely fizzy) than Champagne. The bubbles will help cleanse your palate of any egg yolk richness. Trust us – it’s dreamy. Try Langlois-Chateau Crémant de Loire, $27

If you’re not in the mood for wine, coffee with a generous splash of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream ($41) should do the trick!


Photos courtesy of Modern Day Dream Living + Nova7

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