Galaxie Diner, Calgary, Canada

Calgary is a city that boasts an amazing breakfast culture, and Galaxie Diner is no exception to that. This is absolutely one of my favorite places to eat in Calgary, and always for all-day breakfast. Located in the city’s “beltline” area, you’ll even see business people leave downtown to hit this spot for lunch.


You’ll seldom see the place without a small line in front of it at any time of day, snow, rain or shine. Don’t worry if you have to wait in line, though – their staff is at the ready offering hot cups of coffee to those waiting outside in the elements, whatever they may be.

I’ve never had a bad meal or bad service at this establishment. I’ll admit, a creature of habit, I almost always order the Huevos Rancheros with a side of bacon and a glass of lemonade. My husband always orders one of their “real milkshakes”, which I of course end up sharing.

The place isn’t big or fancy, but the food is always fantastic, and the portion sizes are generous. The atmosphere is great and the staff are friendly.

If you’re visiting the Calgary area, it is definitely a must-try.

Location: 1413 – 11 Street Southwest, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica


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