500 Cucina, Calgary, Canada

500 Cucina, Calgary, Canada

500 cucina

I tried 500 Cucina in Calgary a few weeks ago.  I loved the high ceilings, open kitchen and variety of seating options available.  The staff was friendly and the service was very good, which I appreciate.  I also liked how well the staff knew the menu.

This great spot evolved from one of Calgary’s first food trucks.  It’s a contemporary spin on classic Italian cuisine.  Click HERE for more history.

Overall, the food was fantastic.  The portions are the perfect size and the flavors are excellent.  Everything that came from the kitchen looked amazing and I am interested in returning to try more of their dishes.

I have to say my only disappointment was the wine list.  There isn’t a bottle under $50, and only 50% of the wines available are Italian (of the 30 wines available).  Perhaps I’m just used to a more reasonably priced house Chianti or Valpolicella at Italian establishments (so often Italian restaurants have the largest and most exciting wine lists).  It also might be that their wine selections and price list do not reflect their well-priced food menu.  It might be wise to inquire about corkage fees and bring your own bottle of Italian red.

Worth noting is their ambiance.  My husband and I went to dinner with another couple and it was lively enough of a restaurant to be fun, but not so loud that we couldn’t enjoy good conversation.  I’d like to visit the restaurant again when we have more time to stay and enjoy the live music that starts at 7pm on Saturday nights.  The restaurant provides an intimate venue for musical performances and a schedule is posted on their website.

Location: 1003 9th Avenue SE Calgary, AB

Contact: Reservations : 403.460.0797, Restaurant Bookings/Group Parties : events@500cucina.com

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica


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