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Right now you might be asking yourself “Why are you featuring this? I thought Styled to Sparkle was a lifestyle blog!” If that’s what you thought, then you’re absolutely right. But part of lifestyle is well-being, and at S2S we focus on life and style for the real girl. It doesn’t get much more real than this. Read on and you’ll see why…

Kismet&Kale: Moving Openly & Mindfully Through Fertility & Beyond

I met Nicole, Kismet&Kale‘s editor and blogger at a friend’s birthday party this spring. She struck me immediately – and not because she was wearing a gorgeous blue body-con dress that showed off her gorgeous curves and adorable baby bump. She struck me because of her warm smile and cheerful personality. We struck up a conversation and realized we were both bloggers (which was très exciting!). A note to the non-bloggers out there: We bloggers don’t often encounter one another in the wild – we usually meet online and schedule a meet-up somehow, so this was a chance encounter for us!

We exchanged what led us to blogging and our experiences in the profession. She shared a bit about her personal journey that led her to current pregnancy and why she started her blog in the first place. She was so open and honest, I had to check her blog out.

Now there are a lot of fertility, pregnancy and mama blogs out there, but as I’ve read through a few of them, I haven’t found the candour that Nicole has. And people want the real story. No one’s journey (fertility, miscarriage, pregnancy, delivery, etc.) is all sunshine and rainbows and we can thank Elizabeth Banks for at least showing us that in What to Expect When You’re Expecting…but that was a movie and life isn’t really like that….right?

I invite you to head over to Kismet&Kale and read through her articles. She chronicles in candid, inspiring and empathetic detail, her entire fertility journey – the good, the bad, the TMI and the true reality. From treatments, miscarriage, fur children, pregnancy, 3D ultrasounds and I’m sure soon a birth story, her writing is compelling, informative and will sometimes give you a little giggle.

Now with all this being said, did you know that at least 1 in 8 couples report difficulty with fertility? Perhaps you haven’t struggled with fertility yourself and think that her blog isn’t for you. Maybe so, but chances are you have a friend that would find her tales comforting – a place where they can go and say to themselves “Oh my gawd, it’s not just me!!!”

I encourage you to look beyond this as well for just a little bit more…

Lean On Me

I think the most universally relevant article that Nicole has posted (so far!) is about how to support women who struggle with fertility. In “Lean On Me” she shares what you can/should say and what you should probably avoid mentioning altogether. She also provides insight on what it’s like to have fur children, how to answer the questions people ignorantly throw at you and really what you just shouldn’t ask.

Most of us don’t know how to approach someone dealing with fertility challenges and worst of all, how do you tell one of those friends that you’re expecting without breaking their hearts? Stop walking on eggshells and read “Lean On Me” for a thorough understanding.

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Carlee Krtolica
Carlee Krtolica