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lovely body logoI stumbled upon Lovely Body products when I was vacationing in Northern Ontario this summer. I got to meet Sarah, the company’s founder, and see where she makes her soaps and other body products.  When she started the company in 2012 Sarah set out to make natural and organic body products of her own so that she knew what was in them.

These products are aimed to make you feel happy, healthy & lovely! Because Every Body is Lovely.Sarah Johnson

The range of Lovely Body’s products include, but are not limited to, things like soaps, lotion bars, bath salts, bath teas, sugar cube scrubs and shaving cremes.  Everything is handmade with natural and organic ingredients.

Why You Should Love This Brand:

All of the ingredients are listed.  As someone with food allergies, products containing natural ingredients can sometimes cause a reaction, so it’s important to read the labels!

Scents and materials are clearly described.  This is not the case with all online shops (plus it’s hard to gauge what something actually smells like).  I had the luxury of shopping in person and it was hard not to buy everything.  Everything smells just as it is described.

Real inspiration.  Each product features a background story about itself and its ingredients.  I love that there are seasonal products and elements added to the mix.

Natural and safe ingredients.  “I strive to make my products as natural and simple as possible – what goes on the outside of your body will inevitably make its way in!”

Locally made.  Sarah teamed up with a nearby brewery (Sleeping Giant Brewing Company) to find homegrown ingredients for her amazing beer soaps!

Customizable.  You can request products with specific ingredients and they will be made to order!

A few Lovely Body products that I love (and there are many!):

Whipped Shea Butters
($20) – Unlike traditional shea butters, these are whipped which allows them to be less greasy, but just as moisturizing.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to traditional shea butters again after trying these.

Sugar Scrubs ($17) – Whether you like something fresh and fruity, or creamy and luxurious, there is a scrub for you.  The hardest part is not eating them!  Full of gentle cleansers and natural oils, these make your body feel great after a shower.

Soap Jewels ($11+) –  These soap jewels look really fun (some contain glitter!) and they all smell amazing.  You can order variety packs for yourself or in large quantities for wedding/event favors.  These make great gifts, too.

Soap Petals ($11) – This is a keen innovation on hand washing.  Each recyclable tin contains 40 single use glycerin-based soap petals – just the right amount of soap for a single hand wash.

Bath Melts ($11) – Like a traditional bath bomb, but full of natural ingredients and way more moisturizing capabilities!  These not only smell amazing, but leave your skin feeling really nourished and soft.  Try their bath soaks and salts, too.

Looking for more natural body products?  Shop the entire Lovely Body online store.

Want to know about upcoming products?   Follow Lovely Body on Facebook and on Instagram @lovelybodyproducts!

Interested in hearing more?  Check out the entire Lovely Body story!

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