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No one wants to run back to their hotel room to grab something for the beach, so make sure you’ve got all of your essentials in one great tote!  Here’s what we can’t live without on the beach!


  1. Neutrogena Wetskin Sunscreen Spray SPF30 ($10.59, Target).  I love that this sunscreen is humidity, sweat and water resistant, but also sticks to wetskin, so you don’t have to vigorously towel off to reapply your sunblock.  Also available in SPF50 ($9.99, Target).

  2. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face & Body Stick Sunscreen SPF70 ($9.99, Target).  I prefer a stick sunscreen for my face – it’s easy to re-apply throughout the day without getting your hands all messy.  Hint: Always double check to ensure you’re using something non-comedogenic – you don’t want to clog those pores!

  3. Honest Suncreen Stick SPF30 ($9.95, The Honest Company).  This is a great sunscreen stick – I love it for face, nose and ears.  Plus, it’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes!  They have a mineral-based spray sunscreen, too! ($13.95, The Honest Company).

  4. Raybans 55mm ‘New Wayfarer’ in Matte Blue ($130, Nordstrom).  I am addicted to these!  Rayban wayfarers are probably my go to sunglasses (this is my third pair), so when I saw the matte dark blue with the clear plastic frame, I couldn’t resist!  The blue looks great on every skin tone, too.  (My husband got the larger size in the same color and they look great!).

  5. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm ($22, Nordstrom).  I cannot get enough of this balm!  It contains avocado and olive oils and makes lips feel so soft and moisturized!  The tiny tin fits in any purse or pocket!  Looking for more great cosmetics for the beach? Check out our Beach Beauty 2016 Makeup Essentials!

  6. Fedora with Black PomPoms, Merona ($12.99, Target).  I love to have a hat on the beach and this airy fedora is adorable with it’s subtly bright ribbon and tiny black pom-pom detailing!

  7. Contents Cosmetic Bag 3pc Clear Purse Set in ‘Fruit Punch’ ($14.99, Target).  I like to have little pouches to keep things organized in my beach tote.  This one features a large clear pouch, perfect for sunscreens and larger items, or anything that might leak (these are easier to wash out!).  The set also features a medium and tiny zippered pouch, both great for lipglosses, hair pins or invisibobbles, or even keeping feminine products more discreet.

  8. Book: My Fight/Your Fight by Rhonda Rousey ($34, ChaptersIndigo).  I love to read on the beach and I can’t wait to dive into this book that I got for my birthday!

  9. Dirty Ballerina ‘Beach Please’ Canvas Tote ($28, Nordstrom).  I love a bright and clever tote to store all of my beach goodies!  This one is great for day excursions, too, as there is room for a towel if need be!  Looking for a tamer version?  Try the Palm Tree Print w. Leather Handles ($28, Nordstrom).

  10. Evian Facial Water Spray – Set of 3 ($21, Nordstrom).  This is a travel must for me and I love that it comes in a three pack of minis!  This spray not only adds moisture (and minerals) back to your skin, it helps cleans chlorine, dirt and oil away as well.

  11. Pure Flavor It 2 Go Glass Water Bottle ($15, ChaptersIndigo).  Infuse your own water with fruit and stay hydrated while in the sun!

  12. BaubleBar Brilliant Sound Speaker ($29.99 on sale!, Target).  Bring your own party with this bluetooth speaker!  It’s tiny enough to be portable, but still has big sound!  I love the glam collab of Target and BaubleBar, too!

Looking for more Beach Essentials?  Check out our Beach Beauty Makeup Essentials and Beach Beauty Hair Essentials!

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