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The topic of wearing the correct bra size comes up repeatedly in fashion magazines and blogs alike.  I think this is great as it serves as a reminder that our bodies change and maybe it’s time to get measured again.  Here is the tale of my most recent bra shopping experience.

Some of my bras were wearing out, so I figured it was replacement time.  They weren’t fitting as comfortably anymore and I assumed it was just because they had stretched out or were getting old.  I went down to Victoria’s Secret and was greeted by a girl who may have just been eligible to vote in her first election.  Let me say this: don’t be fooled by these fresh-faced salesgirls – they know their stuff and are really professional.  The company actually requires that these associates have extensive training on sizing and proper fitting of their undergarments and trust me, it shows.

The salesgirl asked me if I could recall the last time I was measured (and I could not), and offered me her services.  She measured me and then asked me about what I was looking for in a bra (comfort, push-up, support, etc.) as well as how my breasts sit when I’m bare chested as this would also help give her more insight into how to properly fit me for my next bra.  Honestly, I can’t say I’ve ever been asked that question before and I think it made all of the difference (different styles are meant to fit different types of breasts).

Of course, I had been wearing the wrong size.  Her measurements said I needed to go up a cup size and down a band size (insert self-high-five here!).

She pulled a few styles in my new size that she thought would work best for my breast type and introduced me to another young “fit expert” in the fitting rooms.  There, I was instructed to ring the bell inside the stall once I had one of the bras on that felt okay.  I did so and the girl came in with me and shut the door behind her.  She assessed the fit all around the band as well as how the cups fit (no gaps, etc.).

I’m not prudish, but I’m not an exhibitionist either.  The questions, measuring and fit test could seem intimate, but the level of professionalism made me feel comfortable through the entire process.  It was far less invasive than an in-public TSA pat down, that’s for sure.

When I was finished, the girls gave me a card on which they recorded the date, the new size, and the styles I preferred.  Then they asked about colors, fabrics, textures, etc. and pulled what I was interested in for me to decide what to purchase.  Since this experience, I have been way more comfortable overall, my clothes fit better and my posture has even improved.

Happy shopping!

Want more insight on finding a bra that fits?  Check out this article from InStyle Magazine: 9 Ways to Find a Bra That Actually Fits

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