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Can dietary choices play a role in skin care?  Our course we know that things like drinking plenty of water are important for good skin, but are there any other dietary factors to consider?  I think so, and here’s what I’ve found with my own experimentation.


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Cutting Dairy

There have been a lot of articles posted online about celebrities who “cut this one thing from their diet” and they either lost weight, improved their skin or some combination of other great results.  That “one thing” almost always seems to be dairy.  Stress levels, hormones and skin care are of course still factors with acne, but I figured that diet is at least on the list of factors that I could easily control, so I figured why not give it a shot!

It’s Not Easy

Making changes to your diet is of course easier said than done.  I take my morning coffee black, so there wasn’t any additional dairy or sugar to cut there, making it easier for me.  If you partake in a daily latte, this might be a bit tougher.  I also don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but refined sugars/flours are in so many things that aren’t sweet, it makes it tricky to cut these things entirely.

The thing that was most difficult for me was cutting cheese from my diet (a daily indulgence for me).  Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I consider cheese a food group all on its own!  Now when I indulge I try to make it count with something really special with a nice glass of wine.

Moderation is Key

In all honesty, I think that moderation is the answer.  Cutting things from your diet entirely might not be the right way to go.  Sometimes just reducing intake of something in particular could be a difference maker.  It’s also important to remember that this is what worked for me.  Everyone’s body is different so it’s important to do what works for you!

I never want to feel restricted or unhappy when it comes to food.  I definitely couldn’t see myself on the diet that Tom and Gisele follow with its long list of restrictions, but keeping some things to a minimum to have more energy, feel better overall and improve my skin seemed worth a try.  And it really was.

Changes That Made a Difference

Reducing dairy, sugar and flours not only made a difference in reducing my acne, it also helped to almost completely eliminate my husband’s eczema (so I guess it helps with other skin care concerns, too!).

Reframing the way I look at certain foods has also helped.  Labeling foods as “good” or “bad” has never worked for me.  I prefer to put foods, like cheese, into a “treat” category rather than demonizing them.  It it’s a treat, I don’t feel guilty or like I’ve made a bad decision – I feel like it’s something more enjoyable when I do choose to have it.

I mentioned that I reduced a few other items in my diet, but being honest, I found that dairy was the dietary change that really made the difference.  It of course didn’t rid me of acne completely (that monthly breakout still isn’t avoidable regardless of what I eat), but it did noticeably help.


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