Styled to Sparkle is a lifestyle philosophy. Our focus is on life and style for the real girl. It isn’t about being every girl – it’s about being true to what makes you sparkle.

Who is the Styled to Sparkle girl? She’s a girl who loves to shop, cook and travel to new places. She loves wine, bubbles and custom craft cocktails – and of course dinner dates. She loves sports, music, her dog, spending time with her man and cheering on her favorite pro-sports team. Her style is casual and her daily uniform almost always includes jeans. She’s a shopaholic but hates to pay full price for anything – she’s always looking for a great deal on the designer goods that she loves. She loves classic, feminine styles and believes you can never have too many pairs of shoes or tubes of lipgloss.

“She knew her confidence came from within …
she was simply trying to acquire the wardrobe to match.”

She’s a beauty junkie and is always looking for the next best thing to keep her looking naturally pretty rather than overdone.  She is equal parts glam-lover and hockey wife/fan. Her man is her best friend and his style and grooming habits are just as important to her as her own. Styling her home is just as important to her as styling herself and her family and believes in keeping things fresh, yet classic. She likes to stay in shape, but isn’t a fitness fanatic – feeling great is her #1 goal.

We believe that happiness is the most important thing in life and that is what truly makes you sparkle.


Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Carlee Krtolica

Carlee founded Styled to Sparkle in 2015 as a result of numerous requests from clients, friends, and family for travel and restaurant recommendations, fashion and beauty tips and numerous other subjects. It has since grown into a wide-reaching platform for Shopping Guides, Lifestyle trends, beauty product reviews, and so much more.

Carlee has a Bachelor of Commerce from Athabasca University and spent the last twelve years working in the energy and technology sectors of the corporate world in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. While that was fulfilling and fruitful (she did find a husband there after all!) she felt like a sense of purpose was missing. She set out on her own to pursue her creative passion, and after many months Styled to Sparkle was born.

Carlee has always enjoyed fine wine, especially paired appropriately with good food! Those closest to her have always relied on her knowledge and experience as a trained Sommelier. One day she hopes to become a Master Sommelier.

Carlee currently resides in Calgary, Canada with her husband, and their Cockapoo named Hattie.  She is an avid hockey fan and an active women’s league hockey player.



Our Contributors

Lauren Rodych, Senior Lifestyle Contributor

lauren-avatarLauren is a woman of many faces. Most days you can find her in her music studio, Miss. Lauren’s Music Studio, teaching all ages how to love, appreciate, and make music, whether it’s through preschool music classes, or private voice or piano lessons. The rest of the time you will see her selling, promoting, and enjoying Steeped Tea, where she is a Group Leader of a team of about ten other wonderful ladies, and Pampered Chef, where she isa Senior Consultant.

She likes to dip her hands into many pots, but in her spare time you will often see her spending time with family and friends, training for her next half-marathon, or dreaming up a new destination to travel to!


Marlie Dwyer, Senior Sports & Fitness Contributor

marlie-bioFrom a young age Marlie could not sit still for long periods of time. She always had to keep her-self busy in a variety of sports because she just has TOO much energy. She was into soccer, golf, rugby, tennis, biking, skating and competitive swimming, before settling on hockey around age 10. Her love of hockey has been groomed from a very young age.  For a while she even thought a hockey arena was she second home as it’s where she feels most at peace with her surroundings. If you asked her, there are only a few things that top stepping on to a fresh sheet of ice.

Currently, Marlie is in her third year of Sociology at Mount Royal University, with aspirations to attend Law School. In her limited spare time, she can be found cheering on Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, jamming out to Taylor Swift, planning her next jet setting adventure, and occupying YYC’s local beer league goalie crease.

Chelsey Nicholas, Lifestyle Contributor

Chelsey NicholasChelsey is creative and lives life to its fullest always anticipating change and eager to take on what life throws her way. Chelsey spends a lot of time at the gym, seeking out the next best thing in the world of fitness and following a healthy, active life. If she’s not at the gym she’ll be on an adventure with her boyfriend and creates importance around spending time with family. Her knowledge of fashion, fitness, nutrition and beauty is what sets her apart.

Her love for people and animals (well with the exception of snakes…that’s a whole other story, for another time!) are the motivators behind her aspirations to become an entrepreneur. One of the many passions in Chelsey’s life is to create a difference in the world around her and in particular in the lives of others. She will do anything for anyone, is an inspiration to many.

Oh and if you ever need recommendations on lip chap…she’s the one to call!

Selena Gaudet, Wine and Spirits Contributor

Selena GaudetAs the Social Stylist for Vine Styles, a must-visit Wine Boutique in Calgary (with two locations), she handles all things social media and event related. A graduate of the University of British Columba – Okanagan, where her affinity for geography led naturally to a passion for wine. She met Nathalie on a wine business trip and fruitful professional relationship soon developed. Selena has completed her WSET Level III designation and competes in powerlifting in her spare time. She believes that you should keep your friends close, and your bourbon closer. If anyone tells you that, “it isn’t rosé season”, they’re wrong! You’re a short time young and a long time old, have some fun!


Daina Gardiner (C.H.N.), Health & Wellness Contributor

Daina GardinerAfter years of battling constant fatigue, acne and stomach issues, Daina discovered the healing powers of food. Through trial and error and many visits to her N.D., Daina was able to pinpoint the foods that were contributing to her health problems and learn which nutrients could actually reverse many of her symptoms. From this ‘aha’ experience, Daina decided to pursue her Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant (C.H.N.) designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and now helps others attack their health issues by using research-driven nutrition data. Each person is unique so, of course, their nutritional needs will be unique too! She opened Mind Body Healthy in Calgary and focuses on helping people with weight management, digestion and hormonal imbalances.

In addition to her consulting practice, Daina also teaches outdoor summer boot camp. She loves traveling the world, dancing, her pets and reading many, many books.

Isabelle Ouellet, Senior Skin Care Contributor

Isabelle OuelletIsabelle has worked in the skin health industry for over 20 years between her hometown in Quebec City and Calgary. Having seen all corners of the industry from the East to the West and having worked for medical clinics as well as renowned cosmetic companies, Isabelle has been trained to work with over 40 cosmetic brands. She has always been passionate about skin care and helping others feel good in their own skin.

Inspired by the natural beauty and structure of our skin, Isabelle strongly believes in the importance of maintaining its health. In her words, “Skin is the largest organ of the body, it is the first thing you see when you see someone, it is your envelope and it protects you. I want my clients to feel confident, but more importantly, healthy in their own skin.”

Isabelle absolutely loves going to work each and every day. She is extremely passionate about skincare and getting results for her clients. She loves meeting new people or catching up with clients while providing a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. It’s her goal to make her clients feel better about themselves and their skin after each and every visit at TrueSkin. When Isabelle isn’t at TrueSkin Clinic, she enjoys travelling, camping, hiking, and cooking. It’s quite often you will find her in kitchen cooking up an amazing French Meal for her dear friends.

Cory Hetherington, P.Eng, MBA – Guest Contributor

Cory HeatheringtonCory is a professional engineer with a Masters Degree in Business and is a person in recovery. He hasn’t had to take a drink or a drug since March 27, 2009. His experience with addiction and recovery is and has been significantly different than the generally accepted understanding and perception of society. It took him 10 years to get the help he needed after he first suspected he had a problem with drugs and alcohol. The first solution recommended by a professional was to prescribe an antidepressant for a short term mental health condition. Just like drugs and alcohol it provided some sort of temporary short term relief. Over the last 5 years, Dr. Hajela has shared with him the truth about addiction and recovery. They started the Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health (FAMH) to share this truth with individuals, professionals, governments and society as a whole. Cory will be providing his insights on mental health and addition to Styled to Sparkle readers.